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Why not all Crystal Pipes are safe – some may result in Death

Whatever you do, don’t smoke out of a tigers eye pipe. It could result in death, and yet so many smoke accessory shops continue to carry them.

Everyone has seen them, the stunning crystal pipes. I love them, in fact I have a collection of crystal pipes that really enjoy infusing into my cannabis rituals. I would recommend anyone to use this power crystal ritual tool into their cannabis experience to heighten and deepen a plant spiritual experience. I love to harness their crystal energy and use them with specific intention, you can charge them under the full moon and use with a cannabis ritual or ceremony.


There is lots of Crystals that you shouldn’t smoke out of! Here are a few examples of some crystals that are beautiful but don’t make for good pipes

I hate to say it but there are a lot of distributors who are selling these pipes. This is why it is really important for you to do your research and see what materials the stone is made from before purchasing with the intent to smoke out of it.

Tigers Eye

This is a beautiful stone and it has great significance with its metaphysical properties for confidence, and personal power. However this is the stone that I see the most in store and online sold as a crystal pipe – When it really shouldn’t.  What you might not know is that tigers eye gets its cool look from the shards of different colours within its composition; but it is a form of asbestos. Asbestos is considered a hazardous material, even though it was used many years ago from the 1960-1990’s for pretty well everything.  It is well documented on the dangers of inhaling asbestos, just google it! Tigers Eye is  has a hardness of 4 mohs on the hardness scale (which isn’t much), so it flakes off and breaks very easily. So imagine you’ve got your flower in there are you’re repeatedly heating up the stone and pieces of it are flaking off jus as you inhale into your lungs. NO BUENO AMIGOS!

Copper, malachite, Azurite, Chrysocolla, turquoise or blue or gold stone for that matter – copper fume can cause respiratory tract infection

Yeah you know those beautiful gold flakes, well I hare to say it but they are terrible for your lungs. Not for internal use, copper fume is very dangerous to be inhaled and the risks are well documented. Again just google it!


Again this one is very fragile and can break apart when heat is applied. This stone is an incredible one for healing and accessing higher planes – but don’t smoke out of it. I had a friend who got a smoke little stone pipe made out of Selenite. It was super cute and kinda like a one-hitter type situation, but it always looked dirty (because of the type of clear stone it is) and she mentioned she noticed pieces of it flaking off and breaking off. Needlessness this stone is probably better suited as necklace over a pipe.

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Labradorite stone known as “the stone of magic” is the masculine equivalent to moon stone. It strengthens the aura and is a stone of transformation – it is very useful in time of change and transition. My favourite @hiiighvibes present this year 🎁 using crystal pipes is an excellent way to connect in ritual and high vibe energy ✨with plant medicine. Infuse your crystals with the intention you program into them and they can be called upon and their vibes in any ritual you need that vibration #etheralhaze #hiiighvibes #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalpipe #crystalcollection #ritual #rituals #witchesofinstagram #airplants #airplantsofinstagram #airplantdecor #labradorite #labradoritestones #labradoritepipe #lookatthatshine #ganjagoddess #magic #newmoonritual #solstice #wintersolstice #yule #highvibes

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You really don’t want to skip this step because before your crystal pipe was as pipe, it was a crystal ( I swear I’m going somewhere with this;) and then it was drilled, and it most likely was not cleaned out, before arriving in your hands. So when you go to use your crystal pipe for the first time and are too excited to clean it throughly before hand you are then inhaling all the dust particles and drill residue straight into your lungs. NOT GOOD. Make sure you thoroughly clean your pipe before first use and you can check out this post on how to clean your crystal pipe  and how to charge use your crystal’s energy.

I hope you found this blog post educational and hopefully we can help reduce some of the harms associated with crystals pipes. Was there any other crystals that you know of that I missed that are not safe for this type of use? Please let me know and I’d love to include it into this listing. Remember that distributors will carry these products but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are safe to smoke out of. If you want tag me in any posts of smoke accessories stores that you see carrying these unsafe crystal pipe products listed above or send them this blog post so that they can also learn about the serious dangers associated with unsafe crystal pipes. Do your research on crystal pipes and check out my mini course on how to best use your crystal pipes are a tool for rituals and ceremonies.

Quick Question before you go..

Do you think it is “disrespectful” for me to call out online stores which haven’t done their research on crystal pipes when they are selling them or its my responsibility to protect the cannabis community?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

What Crystal Pipes do you own?
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