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Demystifying the BS around Meditation

YES, you are doing it, right!

It’s not good enough to just READ about meditation… Actually, doing it is the key.

NO, you don’t need to levitate cross-legged into the sky!

So without further ado Let’s simplify how easy Meditation can be!

The goal in your meditation is to find the rhythmic quality of your breath over and over again

Be introspective and listen to your body

You’d be surprised how much comfort we can find in her own breath can find in our own breath

And since meditating some of the best moments in my day are the moments I savour my breath.

As an anxious person and taking three deep breath before going into stressful situations is so powerful

Before business meeting walking down the hall taking three deep breaths…

Walking from my car to social gathering and being extremely present can help calm my social anxiety…

And I can teach you other triggers to getting you more mindful and meditating. We are going to train your brain to acknowledge the stress response and kick in the parasympathetic nervous system – in charge of slowing our heart rate, breath and relaxing muscles.

First impressions

I distinctly recall what it was like to be a beginner at Meditation

I didn’t really get it. I remember being very fidgety and just waiting for it to end. Know that this is probably only first 3-5 times once you get over that hump you can become a skilled meditator. Like most things there is a learning curve so don’t let it discourage you. The benefits are so worth it.

Taming the monkey mind was not easy at first. One of the myths that people get wrong about meditation is that you have to stop thinking. That’s simply not true. In fact, most people have 50,000 – 80,000 thoughts in a day. I remember how I felt whenever my monkey mind would bring up to do list, tell me I’m not good enough or highlight the aches and pains in my body. The monkey mind does have its place. It’s the same reminders in your meditation as it is the reminder after your day to day life to set your alarm or remind you of your to do list. So before you go hating monkey, why don’t we try a little loving kindness?

Personally I like naming my monkey. By giving it a silly little name, you give it less power. Morris


… Ehm Morris you distracted me again – and bringing it back to my Anchor.


Begin thinking of the things that distract you the most in your meditation? For me I often find it’s my to do list are the things that I have left to do in the day or if I’m having a shitty day my mind likes to replay my fuck-ups…ugh the worst! For you maybe something completely different. So next time you are meditating take a moment to notice when your mind wanders and what it is that’s distracting you. There will be distractions and that’s OK. With a curious mind, notice and bring it back to breath as your anchor. Notice the distraction, file it in your mind as low importance. And redirect your attention. Bring it back to your breath over and over again.

It might feel good to thank your monkey. When you are doing the aforementioned process of noticing, you can invite some loving kindness by repeating what your monkey has said. Example: Don’t forget to buy milk. Repeat it in your mind. Thank the monkey for the reminder and once again bring the attention to the breath.

Did you get that?

Let me repeat it

  1. Monkey Mind interruption – Don’t forget to buy milk. 🐒
  2. Repeat it in your mind or out loud “buy milk” ♻️
  3. Thank the monkey for the reminder 🙏🏻
  4. and once again bring the attention to the breath. 💨

You choose what you focus on. Continue to build on this practice, use a mantra. I even made you this handy dandy Mantra List. Once again when you find yourself distracted by the monkey mind, take in a deep inhale and exhale. Let it go. On the next breath repeating your mantra. You can see how you can continue to build upon this.

Let’s be brutally honest: I don’t always have a great meditation.

There’s the ones where I wake up feeling groggy from a unexpected nap

Or the Meditation’s where I overthink every detail of my day

There are meditations where I feel my mental illness is highlighted in a negative way – like getting more anxious (but ya it happens)

Unfortunately that’s the reality of the human experience. Not everything all the time is going to be amazing. I don’t always get into a meditative state during my meditation. I’ve learned to allow space between me and my expectation of my meditation. Don’t feel pressure to have an experience, clarity or a trip every time.

Instead I choose to look at my meditation as a savoury luxurious moment to myself. It feels like a warm bath, a cozy cup of coco or like a day at the spa, in my own minds eye.

My Wellness cabin Meditation is a Meditation to take you to your “happy place”
Enjoy it now!

A lot of people get wrong about meditation is the benefits. You shouldn’t focus on the benefits it should just be a spill over effect of the practice. This is to be a long term sustained practice. Inviting a few minutes to yourself every day can be that drastic change you need in your life.
A transformation from the inside out.
When will it start work?
How will it magically or drastically change my life?
When can I begin to see the results?
I know that it will drastically change your life it has for so many. So many successful people attribute Meditation has a key part of their day. CEOs, celebrities and now you too. But this isn’t an a magic spell or pill. This is a part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth or put on deodorant. You need to do the mental hygiene.
So maybe you think you’re sceptic, or as I’ve heard others call it a realist.
I get it. You’ve struggled and you’ve already gotten this far! Congratulations! That’s a feat in it’s self. I’m ready to help you elevate to the next level.
Maybe you’ve been walking around seeing people have a positive mindset and don’t know what makes them so special.
Maybe you know you have a shitty mind that sometimes and you are wanting to change it and so desperately wanting to be more positive. But have no clue how to move on to what’s next.
Maybe you’re tired of chasing the next goal on the ‘hamster wheel of life’ And want to learn how to be happy and avoid burnout
Quit guessing what is the secret in the sauce! Because I’m here to tell you, there isn’t one.

You’re ready to elevate to your highest self!

I’m here to help you achieve you’re highest self!
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Complete guide to Shower Meditation

Today’s meditation is how to have a cleansing aura shower meditation.

This meditation helps when you’re feeling down, groggy and in need of some cleansing: body and aura!

The best part is that you have to take a shower anyways so you might as well be mindful while doing it. For beginners it might be good to start meditating when you’re conditioning your hair. That’s three minutes that you’re in the shower anyways so it’s a great place to start.

When you first climb in the shower take moment to enjoy the warmth. Let it warm every inch of your skin before beginning. Enjoy the sensation. If you are feeling extra happy to be in a warm shower, smile or say a little prayer of gratitude. One of life’s many simple joys! Feel the warmth as it touches your skin and also the areas that are not in the water and maybe slightly colder. Awareness. Check in with yourself. How are you feeling in this moment? While you’re in the shower envision yourself being cleansed. I know that on the other side of this meditation will be a happier, refreshed you.

Now is the time to grab your favourite scented body wash and luffa. Work into a rich lather and indulge in aromatherapy, taking deep inhales of the scent. Spreading the suds all over your body. Practicing loving kindness as you do this. (More on this below)
Either closing your eyes or watching the water as it hits your body and goes down the drain. See, with your third eye, the gunk, dirt and anything that no longer serves you swirling down the drain. It might be helpful to list some of the things that you want to get rid of or briefly focus on what can slide off you and go down the drain. Deep inhales and exhales as you emerge your new shiny clean self.

Watch the bubbles slide off you and down the drain.

This is where you take your few minutes of deep breathing while your conditioner sets. Closing your eyes and tapping into the sensation of the warm water on your skin. Savouring these precious few moments. You are in no rush. Trust and know the second you step out of that shower you are stepping into your best self; leaving everything that doesn’t serve you behind.

For an added awakening and invigorating turn the temperature to hot then cold, hot/cold then hot and cold!

As you towel dry envision yourself emerging a new person, a better person. Be mindful in these moments as you dry off your body. Now is not the time to criticize your body so if that thought even comes into your mind, gently push it out. Not right now. Choose not to engage in that negative thought (this gets better with practice)

Focus on the good new version of yourself if this thought arises. Kindly push that idea out of your mind you do not need to entertain. Even repeating “I love myself” while you towel dry. Taking this moment to honour the temple you are in. This body that takes you everywhere, can withstand the most difficult of times and honour it.

This meditation couples perfectly with my favourite meditation ever. The towel dry Meditation!

This one of my favourite Meditation’s because you can easily integrate it into your day and it just feels good!

This meditation does however require some prep time.

I encourage you to grab your towel and anything else that you might need for your shower and go ahead and get that ready. Secondly clear off a space on your bed or a couch. That meditation begins the second you step out of the shower… in fact I encourage you to step back into the shower.

What I mean by that is is after you have shut off the water, have your towel easily accessible from within the shower. Enjoy the warmth of the steam as your dry off. Exposing yourself to the cold can remove you from the luxurious mindset we are trying to cultivate. As you dry off each area of your body, be kind. Can you take this moment to except and honour yourself further? This is not the moment to be critical or engage in negative thoughts *shut up inner critic.*

Honour your temple.

If you find that these thoughts begin to creep up saying out loud or in your head “I love myself so much” or some other body positive mantra instead. Repeat over and over again, not allowing any space for you inner critic to creep in. You’ll likely begin to feel the shift into the positive after a few repetitions.

Once you’re done drying off wrap yourself in your towel. This might feel like a big hug, to you, love you. Smile in this moment. When ready go and find your lounging spot. Still wrapped up in your towel, lay down.

Begin to do a body scan from head to toe. Can you feel the parts of your body which are fully supported and touching either the couch or the bed? Is there any water droplets left on your skin that you missed while towel drying? How does your wet hair feel? Can you connect to the feeling of the fibres of the towel. Can you connect to your naked self! These are just some examples of things you can think about as you do this body scan. Take 5 – 10 minutes to just enjoy the clean, free feeling. Deep breaths with your eyes closed.

Hope you loved these Shower Meditations as I enjoy them!