Cannabis Activism – The Story that started it all

July 17, 2018

I had my Instagram taken falsely from me for “violating instagrams terms and conditions”

… that’s the thing about Instagram. No one works at Instagram.

Media Debut

‘A bong show’: Instagrammers say legalization made #cannabislife more confusing

No grams on Instagram

Just because cannabis is legal in Canada, doesn’t mean that Instagram is okay with promoting pot use.

Posted by CityNews Edmonton on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

One thing that I know I am is  stubborn… ehm. I mean Resilient. I was still applying for my instagram reactivations one year after the fact. I truly believe it is my perseverance that is what got me my instagram page back.

Latest Update – July 2019 one year later

Page reactivated one year later and this is all that @instagram has to say for itself (automated message)

I’ve had a hard time Advertising through Facebook. Despite the fact that I have never advertised cannabis sales. I had a quote that said “breathe” on a leaf background and since I tried to promote that image Facebook has banned me indefinitely from being able to post ads on Instagram or Facebook through any account that is attached to my name Natalia Chiles.

Please Follow All my Instagram Pages in case of Deactivation or worse – Censorship!