High Functioning Wellness Program


You’re ready to elevate your wellness to new heights

What’s included High Functioning Wellness Program
Over the next 3 months you’ll receive:

– First-hand knowledge about applying cannabis therapies to your own wellness
– Wellness Education from Holistic Cannabis Practitioner & Wellness Coach Hiiighvibes
– 12 weekly Modules
– 6 group calls (bi-weekly)
– Hours of video content
– Bi-weekly Program work booklets
– New best buds, accountability buddies
& Facebook group to connect
– 1:1 90 min Goal setting map & personalized wellness plan
intensive $222.22 value – Included!
– Cannabis Therapies for Personal Use Course releasing Fall 2020 $247.97 value – Included!

++ Added Bonuses
– Endocannabinoid Reset Challenge $47.97 value – Free!
– Wellness Resources Library – Free!
– Graduation Celebration & Ceremony or 1-on-1 call

The most important thing you’ll walk away with in this program is a renewed connection to your higher self, clarity to the path of your goals and desires, wellness that spills over into every faucet of life and accountability buddies to keep you on track along the way.

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