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You are cordially invited to Join us November 30, 2019 from 1-3pm for a Hiiitea Party & Ceremony. Socialize with your best buds, buy the dopest christmas presents and enjoy a community of high vibe ladies and gentlemen. All VIP ticket holders will receive a limited edition Fashionablyhigh.ca Primavera tea cup and goodie bag.



I created #Hiiitea because I knew I wasn’t the only woman out there who enjoyed using cannabis whether for spiritual, medical or recreational purposes. I was tired of smoking on my own or only with a select few friends. Hiiitea is mean to normalize and destigmatize cannabis consumption and bring together best buds!

#Hiiitea is a collaborative event where creators, influencers, and industry artisans can come together to showcase beautiful women products, especially in the cannabis space. Join us for a tea ceremony, #socializing and meeting your new best buds!

Hiiitea has changed me over 5 incredible events later.
June 2018 was the inaugural  #hiiitea  I invited these high vibe ladies into my home. I knew that the first one would be the hardest, but I had to over come my cannabis closet fears, excuses, and that I needed to reconnect to my higher purpose. I knew that the Cannabis Industry needed these types of events. Events like this bringing together like minded people and create a sense of community that extends past online. I’ve had people tell me that their anxiety almost got the best of them, but in the end, they were so glad they came and met their best buds.

Hiiitea is more than a networking event but also a safe space of energetic activation and community.

Countless women have told me how this event helped them step into their greatness and boldly forge their path in this new industry. It surprises me how every event there are gentlemen that enjoy the tea parties, it is a safe, inclusive space to honour and consume this sacred plant medicine.
I like to say hiiitea is choose your own adventure – you can infuse your own tea or not. It wouldn’t be possible without the tremendous support of this community. I’ve had other influencers and companies support this vision and help make it possible.
I couldn’t produce this event without these incredible people that contribute to the entertainment, giveaways and goodie bags.
I know  #hiiitea  is apart of my higher purpose – saging and clearing the energy as guests come in is vital to every event I host, but connection that is built here is what is really moving. They say that a tea ceremony can never be duplicated as the conditions could never be brought together in the exact same way again.
There is a need for us to gather in ceremony and to connect over this sacred plant.
I built it knowing that there was a need for the cannabis community to have a place to gather and connect on a higher plain. 🌿

@Hiiighvibes is a community for high brow, high class and high vibe women who are interested in plant wellness. Combining free spirit women with normalizing and destigmatizing cannabis use for wellness.  While I do not  advertise #hiiitea as an event for men although gentlemen are always welcome and enjoy the tea. At every #hiiitea there as always been a wide range of ages and lifestyles. I enjoy seeing and hearing from past attendees of the friendships and business collaborations that form. Follow me on instagram for more updates at instagram.com/hiiighvibes

Hiii I am Talia, Owner and Creator of @hiiighvibes. Hiiighvibes is a community for highly educated, high class and high vibe women who are interested in plant wellness.  

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November 30, 2019


I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to connect with your best buds, join us in a relaxed environment and ceremony.

Downtown Calgary



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