The Hiiighvibes Podcast – Sponsored by Birch and Fog

The Hiiighvibes Podcast

Season 1

Welcome to Hiiighvibes podcast Sponsored by Birch and Fog. Talia is here to educate on therapeutic and holistic wellness to elevate your wellbeing to new heights, including plant healing, crystals, and other forms of alternative healing. 18+ content.

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Episode 1

Show Notes:

@matchstickmarijuana and I chatted about our thoughts on legalization, our common love for the craft market, old school versus new age cannabis, and how Cobb uses Cannabis to treat his arthritis.

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Episode 2

Show Notes:

Listen to @TheMommyJane and @Hiiighvibes talk about cannabis and consciousness, creating community, and the difference between legalization in Cali vs Canada! We talk about the need for community, especially for canna mommas, her 100 LBS cannabis fuelled weight-loss, and how she’s turning Orange County – GREEN!

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Episode 3

Show Notes:

From the depths of my CBD baths to the hiiighest smoke cloud at hiiitea, @Weed_Mama and I discuss stoner consumption after Canadian Cannabis Legalization. Sorry for some of the awkwardness in the podcast but our episode sponsor (a not so “BLISSED” bath bomb co) showed their true colours. Booo… #fuckofftrolls

Episode 4

Show Notes:

@UnityMarguerite is a Cannabis Thought Leader. She as well as her two businesses are revolutionizing the way cannabis is perceived and ultimately marketed towards women. Unity is the founder and CEO of BlyssCloud a blog for women 30 – 50 years on cannabis and which is like an air budnb.

We talk about Cannabis lifestyles, living in 500 sq of Vancouver and see why she’s making shift happen! Check out @blysscloud and @unitymarguerite

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Episode 5

Show Notes:

Everyone’s favourite YouTubing beavers! Have you heard of Kass & Honey?! These two cousins make us laugh with their hilarious beaver get ups and are reducing the stigma of cannabis in Canada, Australia and the world!

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