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The Hiiighvibe Holidaze Gift Guide

That ultra-satisfying feeling of buying that perfect gift

Order by December 18th to have it arrive in time for Christmas! Code Hiiighvibes saves you money this christmas at the check out!

  That ultra-satisfying feeling of buying that perfect gift

Presents under $50

If you shop use code HIIIGHVIBES for 15% off

There’s only a handful of the Green Tea Cups or the “high tea cups” available, and once they’re gone – they are gone for good. This designer ensures that each tea cup is completely unique, hand crafted in Canada and 100% limited edition.

Order your Green Primavera with Silver accents and handle from for $40 today!

Stocking Stuffers and Gift Exchange Ideas


Great for Stocking stuffers!

Give the gift of self-care this Christmas! It’s no secret that this company is one of my favorites! The feel of the products are so luxurious, the scents divine and the way they leave you feeling is hiiighness status! Use code Hiiighvibes to save $ off your Delush purchase.

DelushCBD products I have in stock:
-Rose gold vape pens
-Tinctures 600mg and 1200mg
-Whipped body butters
-Diced pineapple and Satsuma Sweetheart bath bombs

Not finding what you’re looking for or the item is out of stock? Head over to and use code HIIIGHVIBES at check out to save 10% off on your holidaze purchase.

High on Love

Because you deserve to feel high on love this Holidaze!

High on love Products are made with Hemp Seed Oil and the entire line is fitted with only the finest ingredients to give you a relaxing, sensual and high end experience. You deserve to feel high on love this Christmas.

May I add I hiiighly recommend the O-gel!

Massage oil
Edible body Chocolate
and more!

Gift Shopping all-in-one!

High Priestess Spirals Store

Crystal pipes, smudging and more!

Check out my Friend Carolyn, AKA @Highpreiestessspirals on instagram’s, new store. The High Priestess Spirals store has Crystal pipes, rolling trays, cedar smudging and even some other “specialty” items for purchase. Items are ethically sources and intended to elevate your rituals to new heights.

Shopping Codes

My gift (card) to you!

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Edibles, rose gold vape pens and more! I got you this season a $20 gift card for to make sure that the tree isn’t the only thing getting lit this year! Use code HIIIGHVIBES to save $20 off your first purchase at

Elevate your sesh and be Fashionably high!

Code hiiighvibes saves you 15% off at

Elevate your sesh and be Fashionably high!

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My favourite CBD products on the market


Can you tell that the blueberry yum yum bomb is my fave? These products really work. After having one of these baths I was so relaxed I was in a day dreamy type state. In fact I’ve now incorporated it into my public speaking ritual as it helps chill out my nerves so effectively. I’ve tried all 3 scents and I absolutely loved them!

My boyfriend, Si, was complaining about his skin being very dry, itchy and irritated. After showering he has been using this body lotion and his skin has been loving it. It drinks it all in. Since using this product theres been a noticeable difference in his skins texture and a decrease his level of discomfort .

They are not kidding when they say WHIPPED with the body butter – this texture is divine. I love how its so fluffy and creamy but instantly warms up and melts into your skin for some serious hydration. The Lemon Chiffon Cake and Orange Biscotti smell so good its hard to resist the temptation of trying a taste!

This watermelon soap  (and frankly everything DelushCBD) smells DIVINE! It actually smells like bubble gum! #LitTip: Use while you condition your hair or in the bath tub and allow for all that GOOD GOOD to soak into your skin and bath! Ahhhhh….

Absolutely flavourless its perfect for infusing into your food or taking as a sublingual. You won’t regret purchasing this high quality CBD tincture. This is my recommendation for anyone who is interested in taking CBD but doesn’t know where to start. I love everything I’ve tried from DELUSHCBD.

Save Money on your order when you use code HIIIGHVIBES at checkout at

Want free Delush on me?

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Shop Birch and Fog


Email to receive a catalogue and wholesale pricing information package
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How I keep my vibes high

These are my five essentials for keeping my vibe high and feeling good!

  1. Smudging – clears the negativity instantly, has a relaxing scent. Please ensure it is ethically harvested 
  2. Rose Mist – Rose vibrates at 320mhz which is the highest frequency of all the botanicals – no naturally it’s high vibe! I also put some small crystal chunks in the mister as it chimes in the glass bottle.
  3. Crystal – If you don’t know where to start use a quartz crystal – it oscillates at a high frequency – that’s how quartz clocks works! See there is science behind all this Woo-woo! 
  4. CBD – I find it to be calm in a bottle, has no psychoactive effects. Works very effectively within 15 minutes. Use my code HIIIGHVIBES at to save 10% off your order. 
  5. Mindset – This is the most important part of staying high vibe. Be sure to do the daily practices and meditations. I am not always “high vibe” I’m not afraid to look at the uncomfortable things or do the work. Only a neurotic person can be positive all the time! Allow yourself to process your feelings and return to being high vibe. 

As much as I’d like to say the popular “good vibes only” phase resonates with me…. Frankly it doesn’t.  It isn’t always good vibes –  there are trying moments, hard times and everything in between. Here is what I think people get wrong about being High Vibe.

Here is one practical example of how I have high vibe thoughts and use it to manifest my desires. It can work very quickly and even seen effortless to you! Check out this video on how I got very specific and manifested Blueberry Tea in less than 3 thoughts and 24 hours! Can you say #MasterManifestor!

Hope you found these High Vibe Tips helpful. Comment how you are using them to keep your vibe high!