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if you aren’t someone the church would have burned 400 years ago and not currently shadow banned, are you even living right now?

I had my Instagram taken falsely from me for “violating instagrams terms and conditions”… that’s the thing about Instagram. No one works at Instagram.

Thank you for taking the time to watch these videos and hear my story of Cannabis censorship. I’ve had to privately host this website in order to be able to share my story. If you enjoy my content or want to leave some feedback please feel free to comment on this blog post.

Here’s the updated and latest on my censorship journey.

In July 2018 my Instagram was taken down after I had noticed some unusual activity w my account and smart phone. I was at the grey area music festival and cannabis cup with some friends camping and enjoying the festival. I vaguely recall on a mushroom trip at the festival the little red light beside my camera on my smart phone come on. Paranoia sank in. Was I being watched? Was I being monitored? I exited out of the app but the light was still on. At this point I decided that I would put my iPhone on airplane mode. An instant wave of relief washed over me as the light slowly disappeared and turned off. We had purchased tickets for a draw which was a donation from each vendor some goodies. This was split among 7 of us friends, I wrote a quick post and tagged some of the vendors as a thank you.

This photo was what got my page taken down

Photos I never had the chance to post from the Grey Area Music festival 

It took me a year later, and somewhere between 400-600 appeals to get my Instagram page back, July 2019. 

Media Debut

‘A bong show’: Instagrammers say legalization made #cannabislife more confusing

One thing that I know I am is  stubborn… ehm. I mean Resilient. I was still applying for my instagram reactivations one year after the fact. I truly believe it is my perseverance that is what got me my instagram page back.

Latest Update – July 2019 one year later

Page reactivated one year later and this is all that @instagram has to say for itself (automated message)

I’ve had a hard time Advertising through Facebook. Despite the fact that I have never advertised cannabis sales. I had a quote that said “breathe” on a leaf background and since I tried to promote that image Facebook has banned me indefinitely from being able to post ads on Instagram or Facebook through any account that is attached to my name Natalia Chiles.

The most concerning aspect of the censorship is the link to my instagram and Facebook. I was outed to my family by Facebook. To have a business page (which has analytics) you must be connected to Instagram

Consider this decision final

My step mom outed me to my family after I tried to be open with my family in the most beautiful and subtle way possible about my cannabis journey. I gifted my grandma this tea cup with this gorgeous little sprout. I posted it on Instagram and it posted on Facebook also.

I’ve had two different occasions where I’ve had a week long ban. Interestingly enough it’s always the on the @hiiighvibe page.

Due to the censorship I’ve decided that to keep @hiiighvibe my cannabis focused page and diversify, in an attempt to comply with the Instagram community guidelines, keep @hiiighvibes lifestyle and the parent company. Thanks for being apart of the high vibe tribe and supporting me in all my endeavours! You’re truly my favourite people on the interwebs.

Please Follow All my Instagram Pages in case of Deactivation or worse – Censorship!