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How I keep my vibes high

These are my five essentials for keeping my vibe high and feeling good! Smudging – clears the negativity instantly, has a relaxing scent. Please ensure it is ethically harvested  Rose Mist – Rose vibrates at 320mhz which is the highest frequency of all the botanicals – no naturally it’s high vibe! I also put…


if you aren’t someone the church would have burned 400 years ago and not currently shadow banned, are you even living right now? I had my Instagram taken falsely from me for “violating instagrams terms and conditions”… that’s the thing about Instagram. No one works at Instagram. Thank you for taking the time to watch…

Demystifying the BS around Meditation

Many years ago, I worked for my parents who own a video production company. Because it is a family business, you inevitably end up wearing many hats and being the czar of many different jobs. I mainly managed projects and worked as a video editor. On production, there were times that I was called on…

Complete guide to Shower Meditation

Last year I wrote about why booking too far in advance can be dangerous for your business, and this concept of margin so eloquently captures what I had recognized had been my problem: I was so booked up with clients that I wasn’t leaving any margin for error, growth, planning, or reflection.