About Natalia

Hiii, I’m Natalia Chiles, but friends and family usually call me Naty or Talia. Welcome to my lifestyle blog and brand Hiiighvibes. Hiiighvibes is a community centric brand with events, information, recommendations and sessions to help others life their highest self. I created hiiighvibes because I wanted to share my journey and lessons with the high vibe tribe community.

Natalia Chiles has Masters of Global Business with a focus in international management and a bachelor of commerce in international business. She has completed her Professional Business Analyst designation through the Project Management Institute. Not only does Natalia have formal education, but she has also extensively studied with shamans, healers and facilitators towards community centric objectives. She is a facilitator for circles for Truth and Reconciliation, a certified mental health first aider and life coach.

With over 15 years of experience in planning, organizing, and executing social events Natalia enjoys brining people together.

I think of myself as a connector personality and genuinely enjoy facilitating the process towards seeing others connect and succeed together.