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Welcome to the high vibe tribe!

I want to welcome you and thank you for coming to check out the lifestyle brand Hiiighvibes. Hiiighvibes is an online community where I anecdotally share my story of healing, travel and wellness journey toward living my highest self.

I am passionate about community, plant medicine, indigenous lifestyle, culture & travel and more!

I want to empower others to take their wellbeing to new heights. I created hiiighvibes because I always felt connected to a higher purpose and that is to help others achieve their highest self.

A high vibe life is…

Feeling in flow, making aligned connections,

Loving yourself in deep profound ways, expanding your horizons, living and being well

Confidence that shines through you and warms everyone you interact with

A high vibe tribe that is here to support you through growth

A positive outlook, a vibration that touches you and everyone around you, is an infectious attitude

And most importantly a daily invitation to connect to your higher self…

Transformation within yourself that spills over into every relationship and facet of your fulfilling life


High Vibe Community  to  E L E V A T E  your wellbeing to new heights


You know the saying hurt people… that then means that

Healed People, Heal People

Tulum, Mexico

Modern Shaman

At an early age Natalia found herself immersed in the esoteric, began meditating at 12 years old and always felt connected to a higher purpose. She has studied extensively with shamans, healers and monks from various cultures across the globe; and has visited many of the Mayan and Aztec ruins, as well as, seen the highest of Machu Picchu. As an holistic cannabis practitioner and mental health first aider she is a spiritual teacher for the modern world.

“I struggled connecting to all the principles and values many traditional spiritual teachings some of my mentors preached. I was never going to live that lifestyle of ommming for hours on a mountain or the hard labour of cleaning an ashram. I found practicing non commercialism or even celibacy impractical. Thankfully I’ve studied with these healers and am bringing forward the revenant and pertinent information to elevate our modern lifestyles .”

Through healing her self from past trauma she has set out to elevate the well-being of others.

“When I set out to heal myself I noticed how it helped others heal, and now I’m here to help heal you too. It’s my higher calling.”

What is a Modern Shaman?

Being a modern shaman means being relatable to you and your lifestyle. It’s understanding what common stress and anxiety plagues you in our fast paced lives.

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